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Thursday Hodge Podge

* No More Dicks or Nutts: Nathan Dick has decided to transfer, thus clearing the way for Ryan Mallett's ascendancy to glory. Internet smartasses are already mourning the lack of easy Hog-related double entendres.

* Speaking of Transfers: Montrell McDonald, we hardly knew ye.

* It's Hard Out There for a Pimp: I'm sure that being the Ole Miss basketball coach carries its share of stresses, but shouting racial slurs at a cabdriver and then punching him is probably not the most constructive way to deal with them. The Red Solo Cup has breaking details here and here.

* What Do Bloggers Know Anyway? The same folks who brought you the weekly SEC Power Poll have conspired to bring you a postseason conference all-star team, and it contains exactly zero Arkansas players (confession: we didn't vote). If you're curious to see who beat out our fine young men, check out the offensive and defensive selections.

* Apparently Half the Team Just Wanted to Follow the Dead: New theory on why Indiana's bball collapsed late last season (and subsequently got whipped by the Razorbacks): rampant drug use.

* Props: For my money, Dr. Saturday is pretty much the best all-purpose college football blog out there (plus they have the good taste to link to us). To see what I'm talking about, check out this flat-out hilarious post about the father-son dynamics between Lane and Monte Kiffin over at Tennessee.