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Getting the Kentucky Perspective

Our friends over at A Sea of Blue were kind enough to link to the 2nd installment of our Scotty Thurman interview because of the Kentucky content. Some of the comments over on their post were pretty interesting:

"I would love to see Pelphrey reinvigorate that program. Tru is right, there were some classic college games played between the two teams."

"I too would love to see an Arkansas renaissance. People there seem to have a real passion for basketball like Kentuckians do, so it’s nice to have a hard core conference rivalry like that with a team and fan base for whom basketball isn’t perenially second-best, Plus it would just be kind of awesome if an Arkansas renaissance was led by a UK player."

"Arkansas always got me going. I would crawl over broken glass back in the 1990’s to watch a UK-Arkansas game."

Classy stuff. Here's hoping their wishes come true very soon...