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Coming Together - At Last

AP photo

Can a Middle East peace agreement be far behind? After years of bitterness and hostility between Nolan Richardson and the Arkansas athletic department, the university is set to finally honor the 1994 national championship team.

According to, Richardson, John Pelphrey and Athletic Director Jeff Long will appear at a Friday press conference to announce that the March 1 home game against Georgia will feature a halftime ceremony celebrating the 15th anniversary of the championship. Richardson and members of the '94 squad also will be honored at a private reception on Feb. 28 and will be available at Bud Walton for autographs from noon until 2 p.m. on March 1. At the same time, the '94 NCAA final will be shown on the video board above the basketball court.

The article says that "all the players from that team but Darnell Robinson have been accounted for." Poor Darnell - I worry about that guy.

"It's a great honor," Richardson told "It gets the players back together, and they relive the glory days. It's a token of appreciation. I'm sure the players will enjoy it today more than they would have five years ago or 10 years ago."

"We must move on," he added later. "It's time to come together and celebrate."

Amen to that.