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J. Hawg's (Belated) Pick 10

I really did submit this on time yesterday to my pool, but just now, as I am settling in to watch what looks like it will be a heckuva SEC championship game, am I getting around to posting here. Four games are already in the bag and I am a dismal 1-3 in those.

I nearly sat out this last week. I had pulled almost even on the year after a couple of nice performances, and looking at these games did not inspire confidence. You will quickly see why I should have gone with my gut.


UConn (-3) v. Pitt: Sheesh. I had no idea. I went to some site where the dude picked UConn, so I went with it. Bad call. FAVE.

Tulsa (-13.5) v. East Carolina: I thought ECU went into some sort of fatal swoon midway through the season, so I picked Malzahn. Wrong swoon. FAVE.

Navy (-11) v. Army: Okay Navy is pretty good, they have dominated the series of late, and this really would have been a lock if I had known about the camo pants Army was going to break out. Midshipmen all the way. FAVE.

Va. Tech (pick 'em) v. Boston College: I had no darned idea. So I went with BC, on the basis of that same dang site I referred to earlier. I ain't goin' back there. BC was the nominal Dog, and I went DOG.


USC (-32.5) at UCLA: That's a crazy amount of points, but more importantly, Pete Carroll's decision to give up timeouts so he could dress his team in home jerseys smacks of hubris waiting to happen. Bad Karma gonna get you, Pete. DOG.

Florida (-9.5) v. Alabama: I think Florida is the better team. I think they're going to win. I don't think they are winning by ten, though. So far, this has all the earmarks of a really good game; the discipline of Bama's D versus the unworldly speed of the Gators. I hate Tebow. Hate him. Go Tide. DOG.


West Virginia (-7) v. S. Florida: I have no real idea here, but Bill Stewart has screwed up a decade worth of games in just one season. DOG.

Oklahoma (-16.5) v. Missouri: It's a lot of points, but I think KU's stunning victory over Mizzou last week had to hurt Mizzou's confidence. OU is playing for glory, and a national championship. FAVE.

Arizona State (+10.5) @ Arizona: Who the heck knows? Really, could the Pac 10 be any more pointless? I take the Devils to at least cover. DOG.

Cincinnati (-7.5) @ Hawaii: I am taking Hawaii for no other reason than jet lag. DOG.