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SEC Power Poll: Season-Ending Edition

Well, you know the season is really over when it's time to type out the final edition of the SEC Power Poll. It's been said many already, but this was a down year for The Greatest Conference in All the Land: there were way more disappointingly mediocre teams than surprisingly good ones. There's some good commentary on that subject over with the official results.

It was great fun participating in the poll this year, and was a true honor to be on the same list with so many fine bloggers. Thanks to cocknfire at Team Speed Kills for bringing us into the fold.

And now, with a crushing air of finality, we present to you the last power poll of the 2008 football season (with our week 1 rankings in parentheses).

1. Florida (2)
2. Alabama (4)

These guys have been a cut above all season. Both teams fondly remember their visits to Fayetteville, we're guessing.

3. Ole Miss (8)

Props to Houston Nutt, and we mean it. That game sucked,'ll be nice to return the favor in Oxford next fall.

4. Georgia (1)
5. LSU (3)

These two teams sum up the SEC season better than anyone...great expectations, poor delivery.

6. South Carolina
7. Vanderbilt (10)
8. Kentucky (7)

Nothing to say about these teams, sorry.

9. Arkansas (11)

Not super fun season for the Hogs, but there are lots of reasons to be optimistic about the future. Browsing through a lot of the other Power Poll bloggers' sites, we noticed a definite sense of concern about the Razorbacks. They know that next year we'll be the team nobody wants to play, and the year after that we'll be a legit threat.

10. Tennessee (9)
11. Auburn (5)
12. Mississippi State (11)

The coaches for these last three teams all got fired. Ouch.