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J. Hawg's Pick 10

Okay, I'm a litle late on this. But I did submit my picks to the pool on Wednesday. It's just with this being the first time ever my wife and I have hosted Thanksgiving, and then serendipitously scoring a ticket to the LSU game, it is only now I can post.

Confession: I left at halftime. I mean really, we could not have looked worse than we looked in the second quarter. The defense looked like a damn Chinese fire drill. I can't tell you many times the entire section was screaming that there was a wideout uncovered. Way too much late personnel substitution. Just ugly. So, with the rain picking up and my brother leaving, I took the ride instead of walking a mile to my house. And in comfy sweats, watched us turn the whole thing around. Casey, that is one sweet way to go out. Congrats. You deserve it.

So, here are the picks. The first three with post, rather than pre, game comments. By the way, our turkey rocked.


LSU (-4.5) at Arkansas: Okay, I had a premonition. LSU has really not lived up to expectations, and despite the superior talent, I had a feeling the Hogs might surprise. Shockingly, I was right. DOG.

Georgia (-8.5) v. Georgia Tech: I don't feel good about this. The Bulldogs have looked like they had some bad mussels lately, and the GT trip option might be too baffling. But, I went FAVE.

Alabama (-14.5) at Auburn: It's the Iron Bowl. I really don't think Auburn will make it seven straight, but I suspect this will be closer than the line. DOG.

Florida (-16) at Florida State: No, this is not the Iron Bowl. And the Gators are totally on top of their game since Houston slapped them into reality. Are you gonna bet against Florida covering? Not me. FAVE.

South Carolina (+1) at Clemson: I cannot imagine Dabo v. OBC winds up in Dabo's favor. DOG.


Texas A&M (+34.5) at Texas: The Big 12 South winner will be selected by BCS standings. Run it up if'n you can. Tejas can. And they did. FAVE.

Colorado (+17) at Nebraska: This line is hysterical. Nebraska giving 17? To whom? Hendrix? DOG.

Kansas (+13) at Mizzou: Trap game. I love me some Jayhawks. I hate me some Columbia. I think the abolitionists cover. DOG.

Oklahoma (-7) at Oklahoma St.: T. Boone's billions don't change the fact margin of victory could decide who goes to the Big 12 championship game. FAVE.

Notre Dame (+29) at USC: Didn't Weis just lose to Syracuse? AHAHAHAHHAHA HAHAHHAAAAAHAHAHAMUHHAAHHAHHAA. Pete Carroll eats Domers for breakfast, and then blogs about it. FAVE.

I am 3-0 going to the weekend. I like it. And that last Casey Dick pass, well, redemption is sweet. Go Hogs. The future's so bright, we oughtta all wear shades.