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SEC Power Poll: Week 12

Full confession: we slacked last week and forgot to put up our SEC Power Poll ballot. Never fear...several Razorback Expats interns have been fired over this transgression. Having scared some sense into the remaining team, here's our pinpoint-accurate look at the conference rankings this week (and don't forget to check out the full results over at Garnet & Black Attack):

1. Florida (defeated South Carolina, 56-6)
2. Alabama (defeated Mississippi St, 32-7)

Can we just go ahead and play the SEC championship game? This is getting boring. Interestingly, the Hogs actually gave the Gators one of their "closer" games since they started their current streak of scary blowouts.

3. Georgia (defeated Auburn, 17-13)
4. LSU (defeated Troy, 40-31)

LSU's comeback from a 31-3 deficit in the 3rd quarter was one for the ages...too bad it was against Troy. Meanwhile, Georgia continues to muddle through.

5. Ole Miss (defeated Louisiana-Monroe, 59-0)
6. Vanderbilt (defeated Kentucky, 31-24)
7. South Carolina (lost to Florida, 6-56)

Props to Ole Miss for showing Alabama and Arkansas how an SEC team should handle Louisiana-Monroe, and to Vandy for finally getting off that "almost bowl eligible but not quite" hump. As for South Carolina, the less said, the better.

8. Kentucky (lost to Vanderbilt, 24-31)
9. Arkansas (idle)
10. Auburn (lost to Georgia, 13-17)
11. Mississippi St (lost to Alabama, 7-32)

Welcome to life in the dregs. Not much to say here.

12. Tennessee (lost to Wyoming, 7-13)

Oh boy. This is getting really ugly.