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J. Hawg's Pick 10

It's a slow weekend with no Hogs football. We need the respite.

Last week was a mediocre Pick 10 performance, I ended up hitting 6 out of 10 and barely in the black. Let's hope for better this week.


Georgia (-9) at Auburn: Really, Auburn is just terrible this year. Georgia has been porous to good teams; but this Auburn team couldn't score if they were the only straight guy in a Miami bar. FAVE.

S. Carolina (+22) at Florida: The Gators are really good. For four weeks now I have said, that spread is too big. Each time the Gators have covered. There are two ways to look at this. First, "I've learned my lesson, and I am picking the Gators." Second, "I am bound to be right sooner or later." Call me stubborn. DOG.

Mississippi St. (+20.5) at Alabama: This may be the toughest game to call at this spread. Three touchdowns? I have flopped back and forth on this like Miss Lenzie's mule's ears (I just made that one up!), but I am ultimately going with Bama to cover. Just because they're at home. FAVE.

Vanderbilt (+4.5) at Kentucky: Vanderbilt is dying out there. They have no O and no D. Even a basketball power like Kentucky can manhandle the Dores. Worse, I have lost betting on VU for like five straight weeks. Hey, why change now? So, DOG.


Texas (-13) at Kansas: Every week, the sponsor of Pick 10 sticks a shiv in me by putting Arkansas, Vanderbilt and Kansas in his picks. Every week, I bend to passion and some sort of hemorraghic fever and bet for "my" teams. Not here. Even with icy winds knifing through Lawrence, Texas is easily two TDs better than the Jayhawks. FAVE.

Notre Dame (-3.5) at Navy: Nothing makes me happier than a military academy beating the Irish. I expect to be happy. Charlie Weiss calling the plays is not going to help him overcome Jimmy Clausen's 13 interceptions on the season. DOG, with relish.

Cal (+3) at Oregon State: It's the Pac 10. What I know about the Pac 10 is about what I know about women's cosmetics. I take the home team to cover. FAVE.

North Carolina (-3) at Maryland: Tyler Hansbrough is going to kill them! Oh, football. Um, I dunno. Maryland is wildly erratic. The Tarheels, if they win enough, are going to set their coach up with a nice new mansion on the river in west Knoxville. Blindly stabbing at the pinata, FAVE.

Boston College (+6.5) at Florida State: Despite the fact that they play in a mystifyingly crappy league, I am beginning to think that Florida State has some cojones. It's a lot of points for an ACC game, but maybe the BC guys will get distracted by the warm breezes and FSU co-eds. FAVE.

Colorado (+17) at Oklahoma State: I sense some pent up anger, and just like when the white men invaded the Plains, that is bad for buffalo. FAVE.

Happy picking! See you later on, after we find out if Pelphrey's boys can play.