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SEC Power Poll: Week 10

The Hogs rocketed to their highest ranking of the year in this week's Power bells are ringing and spontaneous celebrations are breaking out across the state. Some other stuff happened around the conference, on for our expert punditry (and be sure to check out the official Week 10 Power Poll results while you're at it):

1. (2) Florida (defeated Georgia, 49-10)
2. (1) Alabama (defeated Arkansas State, 35-0)

These two teams have clearly separated themselves from the rest of the pack. As for moving Florida over Alabama despite Bama's big win? We're just mavericks that way.

3. (3) Georgia (lost to Florida, 10-49)
4. (4) LSU (defeated Tulane, 35-10)

Seems kind of weird that Georgia can get absolutely annihilated by Florida and not drop down a spot, but nobody else has stepped up to claim it. Beware...Les Miles may use this mini-slight against his team as bulletin board fodder when LSU plays the Razorbacks.

5. (5) South Carolina (defeated Tennessee, 27-6)
6. (6) Mississippi (defeated Auburn, 17-7)
7. (8) Kentucky (defeated Mississippi State, 14-13)

South Carolina is eager to join these other teams in dealing Arkansas a bizarre and heartbreaking last-second loss. Fun!

8. (9) Arkansas (defeated Tulsa, 30-23)
9. (7) Vanderbilt (idle)

We're #8! We're #8! We're #8!

10. (12) Mississippi State (lost to Kentucky, 13-14)
11. (10) Auburn (lost to Mississippi, 7-17)
12. (11) Tennessee (lost to South Carolina, 6-27)

The dregs. Fulmer is already out...what fate awaits Tuberville after the season?