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J. Hawg's Pick 10

How bad am I at picking the Pick 10? So bad, I could have managed John McCain's campaign. So bad, that a stench arises from my picking, and co-workers at the other end of the hall retch violently. So bad, I could have written this parody song. (Pretty good performance, actually.)

I managed a rootin'-tootin' three out of 10 picks last week. And I was 3-3 after six games, so that meant the evening was one long slide into oblivion. I am now ranked 27th out of 32 entrants in the Pick 10 Pool.

This is usually about the time I start doing crazy stuff like, heck just pick all faves or all dogs and figure you'll hit somewhere in the 4 to 6 wins range. But for the sake of the ExPats, I am going to soldier on, trying my best to divine results.

By the time most of you read this, I'll be on my way to the White River for an annual outing called a fishing trip, but which is really an excuse to get drunk by a campfire. And that also means I will not be paying attention to how my picks are coming out. I hope by studiously not paying attention, something good will come my way. Feel free to chime in with thoughts on how my picks are wrong.


Arkansas (+10) at South Carolina: The Hogs have now covered four weeks in a row. I see no reason to think we won't be within ten points of South Carolina. And, lose in a horrible and excruciating fashion. DOG.

Alabama (-3.5) at LSU: So, does LSU have it in them to pull the upset? So far, the Tigers have given no indication that their vaunted defense is worth a flip, and we know they have serious problems at quarterback. I think this is Nicky's chance to rub their faces in it. And he will if he can. FAVE.

Florida (-24) at Vanderbilt: Really, Vanderbilt has no chance to win this game. They are on the VU slide to hell. Two weeks ago I said the spread was too big, and Florida just demolished Kentucky, like 61-3. But this game is in Nashville, and there may be a little let down for the Gators after last week's stunning win over Georgia, so, with fear in my heart, I back my Commodores. DOG.


Ohio State (-12.5) at Northwestern: Man, I hope this isn't that game Northwestern always seems to have every year where they overachieve. FAVE.

Georgia Tech (+4) at North Carolina: Georgia Tech is running the wishbone? Yeah, but it's that cerebral Navy wishbone. I think Butch Davis and Co. handle it at home. FAVE.

Penn State (-7.5) at Iowa: Yeah, it's a long road trip for Joe Pa, but I am not betting against Penn State until they falter. They are looking to run to the BCS championship game, and winning by two TDs over the Hawkeyes seems very realistic. FAVE.

Oklahoma (-25.5) at Texas A&M: OU is going to run up the score on everyone they can run the score up on, hoping someone falters and they can slide into the National Championship game. Who wouldn't enjoy running it up on the Aggies? FAVE.

Notre Dame (+3.5) at Boston College: Last time I took Notre Dame they hosed me. They still don't have a team worth a flip in South Bend. FAVE.

Oklahoma State (+3) at Texas Tech: My. This could be a ball game. I'll be grilling fresh trout and I won't see it, but my. I think Oklahoma State is really good this year, but Tech just beat Texas in spectacular fashion and they are at home. The Pirate ship sails on. FAVE.

California (+18) at USC: I don't know what to make of this game. Pete Carroll is whining that the BCS polls are screwing his team, but they lost the only tough game they had. Still, Cal is inconsistent, and I think Pete will fire up the team to win big. FAVE.

(You see what I did there? I picked all Faves except my Hogs and Dores. This couldn't possibly be trouble . . .)