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Election Day Special: The Hogs and the Presidents

Clinton - Nolan

It's Election Day. Get out and vote.

In honor of today, we present this small collection of Hog-related presidential photos. Above is a shot from one of the most glorious days in the history of mankind; it's of Bill Clinton congratulating Nolan Richardson after the Razorbacks defeated Duke to claim the 1994 national championship. Below is a March 1994 issue of Sports Illustrated featuring a cover story detailing Clinton's obsessive Hog fandom.

Clinton - Sports Illustrated
Here's a shot of Eddie and Patsy Sutton with Jimmy Carter, date and context unknown. I pulled the photo from a 1984 book celebrating Sutton's first 10 seasons in Fayetteville, so it was definitely taken when he was coaching the Razorbacks. Perhaps Carter was seeking to rejuvenate his presidency by experiencing the vaunted healing powers of Eddie's perm.

Eddie and Jimmy

Below is a photo of Richard Nixon at the 1969 Arkansas-Texas football game. On a related note, we here at RazorbackExpats were intrigued to recently discover that the infamous 18 and 1/2-minute gap covers up a fiery, passionate Nixon argument that, even though the Hogs lost the Big Shootout, they were the better team. Our best guess is that Nixon erased the conversation to avoid the political difficulties that may have arisen from angering the state of Texas. Instead, he ended up creating a bigger mess for himself. Lesson: Never hide your admiration of the Razorbacks.
Nixon at 69 Ark.-Texas game