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Monday Night Hodge Podge

J. Hawg 3 here, licking my wounds from another week of being WRONG! So, to make me feel better, I am visiting other sites where other people feel even worse.

* Best Achievement in Graphic Animation: Over at Every Day Should Be Saturday they employ a graphic artist who goes by the name "LSUfreek." The man is a genius at animated GIFs. Start with his tasty portrayal of Mark Richt's Halloween Nightmare. Nice with a young gewurztraminer. Move on to his heartier fare, displaying how Will Muschamp felt Sunday morning. Boom M-Fer, indeed. You'll want to pair that with a great big full-bodied cab from Howell Mountain.

* I Got One Word For Ya: The Dean of SEC Coaches is gone. In the end, Spurrier did it to him one more, painful, final time. This peice from Clay Travis, who happens to have one of those all-access-I'm-writing-a-book things going on in Knoxville, almost makes you feel sorry for Fulmer.

Which reminds me of my favorite Phil Fulmer/Tennessee fan/War Memorial latrine story. Okay, it's my only Phil Fulmer/Tennessee fan/ War Memorial latrine story. So Tennessee is at Little Rock, I think it's 1993. Peyton Manning is in the running for the Heisman, but he's not having a good first half, and the heavily favored Vols are only up a little bit. I go to the restroom at War Memorial (you know, the giant metal troughs) and I am in a huge crowd of Vol Orange. Some brave Hog fan hollers out in the midst of all that Orange: "Your boy Peyton sure don't look like he's gonna win a Heisman today." Vol guy next to me yells out: "I got one word for ya: Philfulmer."

Between that story and now, Fulmer won back-to-back SEC titles and a national championship. Coaching is a tough business.

* Michelob Ultra Tuscan Orange Grapefruit: Really, I don't think Arkansas Football or its fans have ever participated in anything remotely on a level with the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. I think this may be a good thing. Also, despite the fact that they don't even have grapefruit in Tuscany, isn't "Tuscan Orange Grapefruit" a great name for a rock band?

* Sleeping Wide Awake: For most of us, being unconscious with eyes open is a sign of, like, death. But not for our man Big John Daly when he's chillin' at the Hooters. Favorite quote: "Anybody who knows me . . . when I'm tired, I sleep with my eyes open." This explains several recent results on the PGA Tour. Buy some shades, John.