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Opposition Research: Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Biggs Barker is watching YOU

It's time now for a report on the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, courtesy of Biggs Barker. Bigg is a die-hard Hogs fan and computer genius who spent most of his teenage years in a federal prison for various hacking-related cybercrimes. Biggs (we're not sure that's his real name) now helps lead the government's domestic surveillance and wiretapping efforts.

Needless to say, the last few days before Tuesday's election are a very busy time for him. However, he was all too happy to take a few moments out of his hectic schedule to compile the following report about the University of Tulsa and its football team.

2008 record: 8-0 (5-0 in Conference USA)

Ranking: No. 19 in AP poll, No 18. in USA Today and BCS polls

Offense: Tulsa averages 55.6 points per game and 601.1 yards of total offense per game (346 yards in passing and 255.1 yards in rushing. Gulp.

Defense: Tulsa is allowing 26.1 points per game and 382.8 yards of total offense per game (255.8 yards passing and 127 yards rushing).

Players to watch: Quarterback David Johnson is averaging 332.6 yards of passing per game. For the year, he has completed 68.3 percent of his attempts and thrown for 32 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Once again, gulp. Running back Tarrion Adams is rushing for 80.4 yards per game, and receiver Brennan Marion is hauling in 103.4 yards per game.

Notable Tulsa alums: TV personality Phillip McGraw, a.k.a. Dr. Phil (he didn't actually graduate from Tulsa but was a middle linebacker on the school's 1968 team, which narrowly lost to Houston by the score of 100-6); U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, R-Okla.; radio broadcaster Paul Harvey (like Dr. Phil, he just attended, but didn't graduate); Gordon Matthews, pioneer of voicemail technology; golfing legend Nancy Lopez; Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith; and Hall of Fame wide receiver Steve Largent.

Video highlights of 2008 Golden Hurricane (warning: music may induce severe head banging):

For old times sake: Check out this footage from the Arkansas-Tulsa match-up in the third round of the 1994 NCAA Tournament.