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SEC Power Poll: Week 9

We're sorry to say that we got so caught up in other things last week that we never posted our SEC Power Poll ballot here (don't worry...we still voted in the poll itself). We're back with a vengeance this week, though. Let's get right to it:

1. Alabama (defeated Tennessee, 29-9)
2. Florida (defeated Kentucky, 63-5)
3. Georgia (defeated LSU, 52-38)

The theme this week is the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer...not a lot of middle ground this season. The Cocktail Party should be pretty great this weekend.

4. LSU (lost to Georgia, 38-52)
5. South Carolina (idle)
6. Mississippi (defeated Arkansas, 23-21)

Welcome to the middle class of the SEC. Kind of harsh to have to put LSU in here, but them's the breaks. It's a tough business.

12. Vanderbilt (lost to Duke, 7-10)
12. Kentucky (lost to Florida, 5-63)
12. Arkansas (lost to Mississippi, 21-23)
12. Auburn (lost to West Virginia, 17-34)
12. Tennessee (lost to Alabama, 9-29)
12. Mississippi State (defeated Middle Tennessee State, 31-22)

Frankly, this last bunch of teams are all so interchangeable that we're going to put them all in a last place tie for now. Any of them are probably capable of winning a game or two that you don't expect, but the fact that there's such a big bunch at the bottom is sure proof that the conference is having a bit of a down year (by its high standards, at least).