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As Seen on Deadspin...

There's some good Arkansas-related stuff featured on (perhaps's greatest competitor for the title of "#1 sports blog on the web") this week.

Yesterday they had a long post about how CBS Sportsline columnist and professional douchebag Gregg Doyel had something of a meltdown when he appeared on Shawn Arnell and Wally Hall's "Sports Animals" radio show to discuss his virulently anti-Arkansas column from last week. Then, they had another follow-up today that included an interview with Arnell himself. As always on Deadspin, the comments on both posts are pretty hilarious.

By the way, if you missed it the first time you can hear the interview in all its glory here.

But, the real reason we wanted to reference Deadspin today was to give us an excuse to post the following video that they unearthed. It's of an Alabama fan talking trash about Tennessee, so it doesn't really pertain to the Hogs, but it was too great to ignore. Anyway, just watch: