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Tell Me If This Sounds Self-Pitying But...

...does it seem like the football Hogs lose more than their share of heartbreakingly close games?

I'm asking your opinion here, because I honestly don't know. I mean, when I rummage through my personal database of Razorback wins and losses dating back to the early 80s, it feels like they do, but it's possible that I'm falling prey to the natural tendency to remember bad times more vividly than good ones.

Just for fun, here's a look back at how Arkansas has done in close games over the last five seasons (season stats courtesy of the always-excellent Hog Database):

2008: 3 close wins (Western Illinois, Louisiana-Monroe, Auburn), 2 close losses (Kentucky, Ole Miss)

2007: 1 close win (LSU), 2 close losses (Alabama, Auburn)

2006: 3 close wins (Vanderbilt, Alabama, South Carolina), 3 close losses (LSU, Florida, Wisconsin)

2005: 0 close wins, 4 close losses (Vanderbilt, Georgia, South Carolina, LSU)

2004: 1 close win (Mississippi St), 3 close losses (Texas, Georgia, South Carolina)

2003: 2 close wins (Alabama, Kentucky), 2 close losses (Florida, Auburn)

The results of that extremely unscientific analysis are 10 wins and 16 losses in tight games. My goofy personal theory is that, on some deep universal level, the Hogs haven't fully recovered since choking away the 1969 Big Shootout against might take a win in some similarly epic game to set things right again.

But, enough of my thoughts. I know we have a lot of Razorback football experts who read this blog...what do you guys think?