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Belatedly, The Grades Are In

You surely had severe withdrawal symptoms yesterday when we failed to post our usual Monday morning summaries of Chris Bahn's and Alex Abram's grades of the latest Hog game. Well, you no longer have to feel like you've got bugs crawling under your skin.

For the Ole Miss game, Bahn of gave a C to the offense, the defense and the special teams. The team's overall grade was … you guessed it, a C. (Click here to read the full report.) Notable quote: "Improvement still doesn't equate to victory. There are still too many mistakes for a team whose margin of error is essentially nil. Bowl hopes are all but dashed, barring the Razorbacks winning three of four."

Abrams of The Morning News broke the Hogs' effort against the Rebels as follows - Running backs: A-. Wide receivers: B-. Offensive line: C-. Defensive line: B-. Linebackers: B-. Secondary: C-. Special teams: C+. Coaching: B. (For the full report, just click here.) Notable quote: "Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino made the right call when he decided to go for it on a fourth-and-1 early in the second quarter, resulting in a Smith touchdown run. Perhaps his decision to try to score right before halftime was the wrong one, considering Dick threw an interception that led to an Ole Miss field goal. Still, Petrino and defensive coordinator Willy Robinson called a decent game. But the players had trouble executing it."