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J. Hawg's Pick 10

Last week, having bared my soul and lack of sophisticated picking, I had my best results ever in Pick 10, getting 8 out of 10 right. Here's to hoping I can keep the string alive. Another two or three weeks of picking 8 out of 10 and I could get back to even on the year. So, live from Fort Worth, where I just walked by Amon Carter Stadium, I give you the Pick 10:

Texas Tech (+1.5) at Kansas: Here's the operative theory this week -- if the oddsmakers have it close and you think both teams are pretty good, take the home team. FAVE.

Oklahoma (-19) at Kansas State: There is little about Manhattan to scare opposing teams, other than possibly the food. OU needs big scores, and this looks like a great opportunity. Three touchdowns doesn't seem like an unrealistic margin. FAVE.

Kentucky (+24.5) at Florida: Really? Gosh, I don't think Kentucky is that bad. Sorry, but I also don't think Florida is that good, either. This could really splooge all over my face, but let's hope the Gators are looking ahead to the Cocktail Party. DOG.

Oklahoma State (+12.5) at Texas: This really hurts me to say, but the Longhorns are probably the best team in the country. Colt McCoy is hitting some absurd percentage of his passes, like 83%. That's just scary. Points equals BCS mastery, and I say T. Boone's boys are going down hard. FAVE.

Georgia (+2) at LSU: If I follow my Operative Theory, I would take LSU in Baton Rouge. But I have to say I am very unimpressed with the Tigers. This is a very tough pick. I think Georgia has a better QB and better RBs and the game is at 2:30, meaning the Red Stick crowd will only be working drunk instead of stinking drunk. DOG.

Virginia Tech (+5.5) at Florida State: Again, what conference is this? The most ho-hum of picks. FAVE.

Ole Miss (-4.5) at Arkansas: Is there an Arkansas fan alive who doesn't want this win so badly their teeth hurt? Precisely why I am saying "Hoddy Toddy." FAVE.

Alabama (-6.5) at Tennessee: Bama is good; Tennessee is bad. A touchdown seems reasonable. Roll Tide. FAVE.

Penn State (-2.5) at Ohio State: Now I'm as prone to disparaging the Big Ten as any other red-blooded Southerner ("Speed Kills"), but this game has all the earmarks of a trus classic. Penn State is bona fide, and the Buckeyes may have found their stride with Terrelle Pryor. This is the game to watch tomorrow. I have to go Operative Theory, here, and pick the Buckeyes at home. DOG.

USC (-16) at Arizona: At one point earlier this year, we might have thought this game meant something. Now it's pretty much, who cares? Reluctantly, I take FAVE.

Wish me luck. And oh yeah, go 'Dores. Any win over Duke is a good win.