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Wednesday Evening Hodge Podge

J. Hawg 3 here, picking up a few items from out there on the blogs.

* Mr. and Mrs. Dick: You just never want your starting quarterback in the cross-hairs of Orson over at Everyday Should Be Saturday. At least not when our QB is all in love and stuff. Really, a site like that is going to get you blogged half to death.

* Hog Hate: And it won't be long before The Red Solo Cup, already in full tilt Hog Hate Week, picks up on Casey and Felicia's upcoming nuptials. They are already spending thousands of words decrying Hog fans, I don't know. It has to do with Nutt. And how we're wrong, Ole Miss actually has no talent. None. And, oh yeah, attacking our women fans as ugly. There are plenty of reasons to hate the Hogs, but that one escapes us. Clearly, they haven't yet seen the soon-to-be Mrs. Dick.

* Protect Your Airspace. Our good friends in Oxford came up with this really cool idea. "What if we rented a plane and flew a banner over the stadium in Fayetteville?"