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SEC Power Poll: Week 7

It was a crazy week in the SEC and thus, the Power Poll. Let's get right to it (and don't forget to check out the overall results, too):

1. (1) Alabama (idle)
2. (4) Florida (defeated LSU, 51-21)
3. (3) Georgia (defeated Tennessee, 26-14)
4. (2) LSU (lost to Florida, 21-51)

These have been our top four teams for pretty much forever. Florida makes a strong statement by Tebowing the hell out of LSU.

5. (7) South Carolina (defeated Kentucky, 24-17)
6. (5) Vanderbilt (lost to Mississippi St, 14-17)

Here's where things start to get a little wacky. South Carolina has been on a pretty good run lately, but they're far from top 4 material at this point. And maybe Vandy is a little too high after their Crooming last weekend, but nobody else made much of a case to jump into this spot.

7. (7) Mississippi (idle)
8. (6) Auburn (lost to Arkansas, 22-25)
9. (9) Kentucky (lost to South Carolina, 17-24)

A cluster of polling uncertainty.

10. (11) Mississippi State (defeated Vanderbilt, 17-14)
11. (12) Arkansas (defeated Auburn, 25-22)
12. (10) Tennessee (lost to Georgia, 14-26)

The Hogs were poised to move boldly up to 10th, thus giving them a safe cushion from the 12th spot, but the Bulldogs had to go and pull an upset of their own. Damn them! Meanwhile, tough times for the Vols...such a pity.