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The Grades Are In

It's nice to see the Hogs bring home a report card that Mommy and Daddy can be proud of. Chris Bahn on has turned in his grades for the Razorbacks' 25-22 victory over Auburn (Alex Abrams of The Morning News usually has his grades posted by now; I'll incorporate when/if they become available). A summary of Bahn's evaluation is below:

Bahn - Offense: A. Defense: A. Special Teams: D. Overall: B. (Click here for the full report.)
Notable quote: "There is reason for hope among Arkansas' players, coaches and supporters for the first time this season. The Razorbacks were finally good enough to overcome their numerous mistakes and a season that looked doomed three weeks ago now appears salvageable. Optimistic fans can still cling to hopes of a bowl game, something that seemed nonsensical after losses to Alabama and Texas - now the nation's No. 1 and No. 2 teams. "