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SEC Power Poll: Week 6

With a couple of top teams idle and only one big game this past weekend (featuring Vanderbilt!), our Power Poll is fairly uneventful this week. But don't take our word for it...check out the overall results to see what our fellow SEC bloggers think.

1. (1) Alabama (defeated Kentucky, 17-14)
2. (2) LSU (idle)
(3) Georgia (idle)
4. (4) Florida (defeated Arkansas, 38-7)


5. (6) Vanderbilt (defeated Auburn, 14-13)
6. (5) Auburn (lost to Vanderbilt, 13-14)

Ancient scholars are currently poring over arcane texts to see if Vandy being undefeated and #1 in the conference at this point in the season equals some sign of the apocalypse. (Given the way the rest of the world is going, we're inclined to say that it is.) Meanwhile, some words of comfort for Auburn fans: we know you're getting tired of struggling to score in the high single digits, but don't're due for a 40 point offensive explosion against the Hogs this weekend.

7. (9) South Carolina (defeated Mississippi, 31-24)
8. (7) Mississippi (lost to South Carolina, 24-31)

A victory against Florida followed by a loss to the Cocks. Enjoy the Houston Nutt era Rebs's a wild ride.

9. (10) Kentucky (lost to Alabama, 14-17)
10. (8) Tennessee (defeated Northern Illinois, 13-9)
11. (11) Mississippi State (idle)

Tennesee really is pretty bad this year, huh?

12. (12) Arkansas (lost to Florida, 7-38)

Nice work by the Hogs to solidify their last place standing here. When they were only down 17-7 relatively late in the game it looked like the ranking could be in jeopardy, but they pulled it out with a solid collapse in the 4th quarter.