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The Grades Are In

Wondering how your evaluation of Saturday's loss jives with those of Chris Bahn and Alex Abrams? Read on to find out.

Bahn of gave the offense a C, the defense a C-, special teams a C and an overall C. (Click here to read his full report.) Here's a notable passage from his evaluation: "Say what you will about the improvement the Razorbacks made, but make no mistake - This was still a blowout loss on the scoreboard. Arkansas has now been outscored 139-31 in three consecutive games and has a very slim margin of error. It's possible the Razorbacks aren't as bad as they've looked and the apprehension on Arkansas adding to its win total seems to have calmed a bit after a solid three quarters against Florida. There is still MUCH improvement for this team to make and it's going to take near-perfect performances to win with a defense susceptible to giving up the big play and an offense that can't seem to make big plays."

Meanwhile, Abrams of The Morning News breaks it down as follows (click here for his full report) - Quarterbacks: C. Running Backs: A-. Wide Receivers: B-. Offensive Line: C+. Defensive Line: C+. Linebackers: B+. Secondary: C. Special Teams: D+. Coaching: B-.