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As D-Mac's World Turns..


While we all fret about the state of the Hogs, let's not forget about the strange case of perhaps the most prominent Razorback fan of all, one Mr. Darren McFadden. Not only is he watching his favorite team struggle like the rest of us, but his current team is currently immeshed in the soap opera to end all soap operas. And, in a bizarre bit of irony, the madness coming out of the Oakland Raiders HQ has a definite Arkansas twist to it.

As you've probably seen by now, Raiders owner Al Davis fired coach Lane Kiffin earlier this week and in the process unleashed a vicious series of personal attacks on Kiffin that could only be described as circus-like, even by Davis' own circusy standards. It seems that their relationship began to sour when Kiffin privately expressed interested in the Arkansas job last December (only to be outdone by Bobby Petrino, who famously had no qualms about leaving his team mid-season).

We like it when things come full circle, and the many weird connections between the Razorbacks and the Raiders over the last 12 months definitely appeal to our need to see some sort of order in the universe. However, we'd feel better if the Hogs' fortunes on the field would divert from Oakland and take their own course sometime soon.

Meanwhile, D-Mac is hobbling around on a hurt foot and trying to figure out who his coach is this week. Something tells us that he's probably not marveling at the cosmic significance of it all.