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SEC Power Poll: Week 5

Things are starting to heat up around the SEC on for our ballot in this week's Power Poll (and be sure to also check out the overall results over at Garnet & Black Attack):

1. (4) Alabama (defeated Georgia, 41-30)
2. (2) LSU (defeated Mississippi St, 34-24)

The unvanquished. Don't let the semi-close score fool you...Bama administered a serious beatdown on the Dawgs. In that 31-0 (!) first half they made Georgia look, well, Razorbackesque. Meanwhile, LSU isn't exactly rolling but they keep getting the job done. The matchup between these teams on 11/8 should be something to see.

3. (3) Georgia (lost to Alabama, 30-41)
4. (1) Florida (lost to Mississippi, 30-31)

It's really not the SEC East's year, is it? In another stroke of luck adding to the Hogs' perfect storm of a season, the real conference power is located out west this year.

5. (6) Auburn (defeated Tennessee, 14-12)
6. (5) Vanderbilt (idle)

You know it's a weird year when the Auburn-Vandy game has major conference-wide implications. Here we are in October and Vanderbilt controls their own destiny in the SEC East. And although Auburn's offense has looked fairly primitive (at best) this year, we have a feeling their game against the Hogs next week will cure that.

7. (9) Mississippi (defeated Florida, 31-30)

You know what? We're not even going to be haters in the slightest bit today...that really was an impressive win.

8. (8) Tennessee (lost to Auburn, 12-14)
9. (7) South Carolina (defeated Alabama-Birmingham, 26-13)
10. (10) Kentucky (defeated Western Kentucky, 41-3)
11. (12) Mississippi State (lost to LSU, 24-34)

*Yawn* These are all mediocre teams who are a lot better than the Hogs. Frankly, this order probably isn't the least bit correct, but we're not losing a lot of sleep over it..

12. (11) Arkansas (lost to Texas, 10-52)

And here we sit. Might as well make ourselves comfortable...we're going to be down here for awhile.