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A Much-Needed Diversion

On a day when the stock market made even the Hogs' last two games seem like wild successes by comparison, it feels like time for a completely random diversion. With that in mind, your friends at Razorback Expats would like you to climb off that ledge for a moment and enjoy this excellent recap of the 1989 win over Heisman winner Andre Ware and the Houston Cougars.

Not only is it high on my personal list of great Razorback games (I was fortunate to watch it from the War Memorial north end zone), no less of an expert than James Rouse cited it as his favorite in our recent Q&A. So, sit back, forget your troubles and watch Rouse, Quinn Grovey, Derek Russell and company work their magic:

(The clip is courtesy of Rexgasm, whose YouTube collection of old Hog games is really quite impressive.)