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Wednesday Evening Hodge Podge

Al Davis meets Darth Davis

* Think D-Mac is wishing the Cowboys had traded up to pick him, as was rumored before the draft? In the latest news out of Oakland, a Raiders exec went off on a local reporter on Monday, yelling at him and giving him a good shove (check out the video of the incident). The reporter, Tim Kawakami, gives his side of the story here, and the San Francisco Chronicle's beat writer shares her thoughts here.

Meanwhile coach Lane Kiffin knows he's going to be fired any second now but hasn't actually been told that officially, so he's still showing up for work every day. At this point, McFadden is probably wistfully recalling the simpler times when his team's scandals involved text messages and FOIA requests.

* Feeling down about the rebuilding states of the football and basketball teams? Well, here's pick-me-up: Arkansas just won the collegiate bass fishing championship (beating Texas in the process, even). Suck on that, Longhorns! We own the lakes! [link courtesy of reader Eastville Holdings]

* A Texas blogger gives his younger readers a history lesson about the Arkansas rivalry with a bunch of semi-amusing made-up facts. We'll give this post one lowercase "ha" and two sarcastic eye rolls. [link courtesy of reader K Smith]

* Stepping up the level of wit a bit, earlier this summer a Texas judge managed to squeeze some friendly jabs at the Hogs into his paperwork on a legal decision. The Supreme Court will be dealing with this as soon as they complete their work on the landmark People of Arkansas v. Pass Interference, My Ass case.

* So Miami routs New England using the Wild Cat Hog formation and the pro football press is shocked - shocked! - at the bold innovation ("You had to see the Miami game plan to believe it" - Peter King). Full credit is given to David Lee before the intrepid media digs deeper and sort of figures it out. Obviously King and his cronies aren't reading often enough. (for the best recap of the saga, check out this Slophouse post...complete with HDN quotes!)