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SEC Power Poll: Week 4

Maybe we're just in a bad mood after getting routed by the Tide, but we felt like it was time to shake things up in our Power Poll ballot this week. While we await death threats from the thousands dozens tiny handful of Georgia fans who might read this post, let us know what you think in the comments section.

1. (2) Florida (defeated Tennessee, 30-6)
2. (3) LSU (defeated Auburn, 26-21)
3. (1) Georgia (defeated Arizona State, 27-10)

This may send Georgia fans into the heights of vein-popping outrage, but it felt like their week to move down. Yes, they had a big road win and, by traditional poll-making standards, it's heresy to downgrade a team after a game like that, but we're nothing if not damn-the-rules rebels here at Razorback Expats.

The fact is, we give SEC road wins a lot more weight than victories over wimpy Pac 10 schools, and Florida and LSU both ventured into extremely hostile territory over the weekend and pulled out impressive triumphs over good teams (ok, LSU beat a good team).

The other fact is that any of these three schools would beat the Hogs by about seven touchdowns, so the exact order doesn't matter all that much to us at this point.

4. (4) Alabama (defeated Arkansas, 49-14)
5. (6) Vanderbilt (defeated Mississippi, 23-17)
6. (5) Auburn (lost to LSU, 21-26)

No further need to rehash Alabama's game this week. Auburn blew a big opportunity by letting 14-3 and 21-20 leads slip away against LSU (any Razorback fan who remembers last season can sympathize), and Vandy upsets the natural order of the universe by creeping into the top 5. They're the #1 team in the SEC East right now...strange doings are afoot.

7. (9) South Carolina (defeated Wofford, 23-13)
8. (7) Tennessee (lost to Florida, 6-30)
9. (8) Mississippi (lost to Vanderbilt, 17-23)
10. (10) Kentucky (idle)

We're still pretty confounded by these teams...the only thing we do know is that right now it looks like a pretty big drop-off after #6 in our poll. South Carolina moves up to a very shaky #7, but that's only because UT and Ole Miss lost. Kentucky is kind of a mystery, but since they didn't play it was easy enough to leave them at #10.

11. (11) Arkansas (lost to Alabama, 14-49)
12. (12) Mississippi St (lost to Georgia Tech, 7-38)

The hotly-contested battle for last place continues...both teams turned in impressive performances last weekend. At this point, it's looking like a photo finish.