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Fraternizing with the Enemy: a Guest Post from the Tide Druid

We here at RazorbackExpats are open-minded sorts, and believe in exposing ourselves to new and exotic viewpoints every now and then. So, in honor of this weekend's big game against Alabama we reached out to one of our favorite Bama bloggers, the Tide Druid, and offered him a free post (no, we didn't lose a bet).

So, we'll now turn the floor over to Mr. Druid...remember he's a guest here, so be polite (and we apologize in advance for the references to the 2007 game...that part is difficult for us to read, too).

The fine people that operate this blog have asked me if I was interested in a guest blog post. Being the friendly guy that I am, I decided it would be fun to write something for a different U of A crowd.

So what to discuss? We've all seen some amazing things since this rivalry started in the early 90's, so everyone has their favorite memories. I noticed the post asking the readers about their most memorable highs and lows, so I thought I would offer an Alabama fan's point of view.

courtesy of hogdb.comOne of the lowest lows came in 2003, where I waited in the rain for the game to start. I had received a pair of tickets for attending a VERY boring seminar, and I was pumped to see Alabama take on an SEC opponent with new coach Mike Shula. I called up my buddy Joel, and we headed out to Bryant-Denny, unaware of the weather forecast. Needless to say, it poured rain for a good 30 minutes, and I could not get back to shelter. So we just sat there, listening to the PA system play "Purple Rain" by Prince. It cleared, and the game started as scheduled.

Things started out great, with Alabama taking a 21 point lead. Not knowing Alabama to blow such leads, I proceeded to party in the stands, only to notice a comeback when Arkansas was within a TD of tying the game. 3 OTs and a somewhat questionable celebration penalty on Bama soon followed, leaving Arkansas with the victory. I was wet, tired, and depressed, so it would only make sense that my car was blocked in my parking spot that cost $15. They had given me their word they wouldn't block me in, but life has a funny way of kicking you when you're down.

4 years later, I again got to Bryant-Denny Stadium to watch Alabama play the Razorbacks. This time, I had my girlfriend with me, who was born in Conway, Arkansas. Yes.... she has Hog fans in her family, although she's a Bama fan since they gave her a full scholarship. The first time I met her Uncle was the night of the Tiffin meltdown. His first words were "WOOO! PIG SOOIE!"

So, with tickets in hand, we proceeded to watch Alabama take a 21-0 lead. Everyone around me was jumping for joy, but I had old memories in my head. "There's still a half to go. They could come back." They did, and soon Arkansas had the lead with close to 2 minutes to go. I was down, because Alabama had not made a 4th quarter comeback in close to 6 years since Franchione's 2001 team against Iowa State.

Houston Nutt vs Bama, 2007But low and behold, John Parker Wilson showed signs of Joe Namath or Jay Barker, leading Alabama down the field within scoring range. As you can imagine, I was extremely tense, as were the 92,000+ in Tuscaloosa that night. Suddenly, the ball is snaped, and Matt Caddell gets just enough space to signal he's open. JPW throws a pass that appears to be too high, but Caddell makes the catch, saving the victory Alabama almost gave away once againt in Bryant-Denny Stadium!

We kick off, Houston Nutt gives EDSBS a great picture, and I go horse in a matter of seconds screaming for joy.

Some are expecting an upset, while others a blowout for the ranked team. I don't know what to expect, because this series always seems so close. Whatever will happen, somebody is bound to have their heart broken. Thanks for your time, and Roll Tide!