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SEC Power Poll: Week 3

Once again, it's time for our SEC Power Poll ballot. Before we get to that, however, we'd like to note that the Hogs' next four opponents are currently ranked in the AP top 10 (and that doesn't even include LSU lurking later this season). That is just completely insane...if anyone can recall a more brutal schedule than that please let us know.

Moving on, here's our ballot this week. As conference play has only barely started, there's not a lot of shakeup from weeks past...expect that to change soon, though.

1. (1) Georgia (defeated South Carolina, 14-7)
2. (2) Florida (idle)
3. (3) LSU (defeated North Texas, 41-3)

Georgia hasn't turned in the most impressive run of games, but we can't move them down for pulling out an SEC road win. Tim Tebow took the week off to turn water into wine, and LSU tunes up for the biggest game of their season: the Battle for the Boot on Nov. 28.

4. (4) Alabama (defeated Western Kentucky, 41-7)
5. (5) Auburn (defeated Mississippi State, 3-2)

That mighty 3-2 victory might be my favorite final score of the entire SEC season. One of our favorite SEC bloggers, Jerry at the Joe Cribbs Car Wash, breaks down how it happened.

6. (6) Vanderbilt (defeated Rice, 38-21)
7. (8) Tennessee (defeated Alabama-Birmingham, 35-3)

Lots of weird things are happening in the world these days, and every week that Vandy continues to be ranked ahead of UT only adds to that unsettling feeling.

8. (9) Mississippi (defeated Samford, 34-10)
9. (10) South Carolina (lost to Georgia, 7-14)
10. (7) Kentucky (defeated Middle Tennessee State, 20-14)

Not really sure what's up with any of these teams...time will tell.

11. (12) Arkansas (unexpectedly idle)
12. (11) Mississippi St (lost to Auburn, 2-3)

A hurricane-induced postponement and MSU's bizarre loss to Auburn means the Hogs vault ahead of the Bulldogs in the hotly contested battle for 11th and 12th places. This will be a matchup to watch all season, folks - it might not be decided until both teams go head to head on Nov. 22.