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510, meet 501

AP Photo/Ed Zurga

In just his second NFL game, Darren McFadden conjured up visions of his years in Fayetteville by rushing for 164 yards on 21 carries in Oakland's 23-8 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. McFadden's day included a 50-yard run and a touchdown.

DMac's heroic effort came as rumors were swirling that Raiders owner Al Davis was all set to fire coach Doogie Howser Lane Kiffin if Oakland lost yesterday. After playing for three years for a certain prodigious sender of text messages, McFadden may be better equipped than many to handle off-the-field drama. Unfortunately, it's hard to escape the feeling that Darren has landed in a spot where the story off the field will always be much more interesting than the one on it.