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Thursday Hodge Podge

• The votes have been tabulated, and the latest edition of the SEC Power Poll has been released. (Our ballot can be viewed here.)

• The university has released the men's basketball schedule. The non-conference highlights include home games against Oklahoma (Dec. 30) and Texas (Jan. 6). Also of note are back-to-back road games in late November against Missouri State and South Alabama.

As for conference play, the Kentucky Wildcats will come to Northwest Arkansas on Valentine's Day for a nationally televised contest. We here at RazorbackExpats can think of no better way for you to say you love us than to send us tickets to that game.

•'s Chris Law shows Casey Dick some love, and the AP's Noah Trister explores why the Hog QB already has been sacked eight times.

• Somebody buy Michael Smith a copy of "Sweatin' to the Oldies."

• Jim Harris at has a nice piece on the "playoff mentality" that he says he has gripped American sports fans. Teaser quote: "Truth is, American sports fans aren't looking for the best team anymore. We're just wanting excitement, while administrators, league officials and owners are just looking for more and more money. We end up with what we deserve."

Wally Watch will be returning soon, but we couldn't let much more time pass without highlighting this gem of a statement from the Old Graybeard's Sunday, Sept. 7 column: "Last-minute heroics by D. J. Williams — three catches for 95 yards in the fourth quarter — is not the way the game or day started."

• And, in honor of what is now our next game, our archivists present the following footage: