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SEC Power Poll: Week 1

As noted earlier, we've been invited to join the elite squad of bloggers who come together each week to rank the SEC's football teams (don't even get us started on the top-secret induction ritual). We ranked the coaches as a preseason exercise, but now the games have started and it's time to get down to business. Below is our Week 1 ballot.

Unfortunately, while Arkansas was squeaking by Western Illinois, most of the other SEC teams were kicking butt (note to Tennessee: hahaha), so you'll have to scroll down the list a bit to find the Hogs. Nowhere to go but up, though, right?

1. Georgia (defeated Georgia Southern, 45-21)
2. Florida (defeated Hawaii, 56-10)
3. LSU (defeated Appalachian State, 41-13)

Georgia rolls (although injuries might become a problem at some point), Tebow pads his stats and LSU proves once again that they're not Michigan. Something tells me that Florida and LSU aren't exactly dreading the thought of facing off against the Razorbacks' rushing defense later this season.

4. Alabama (defeated Clemson, 34-10)
5. Auburn (defeated Lousiana-Monroe, 34-0)

Bama wallops a top 10 team (although an ACC one, to be fair) and still can't crack our top 3...the SEC is tough, folks. Auburn isn't messing around, either, leading our expert analysts to conclude that the Iron Bowl could be pretty epic this year.

6. South Carolina (defeated North Carolina State, 34-0)
7. Kentucky (defeated Louisville, 27-2)
8. Ole Miss (defeated Memphis, 41-24)

Three teams that we had previously predicted the Hogs to beat all rolled to easy wins in their season openers. Is it too late to get our money back on that fortune teller? Ole Miss loses points for not being able to come up with a more original name for their "Wild Rebel" offense.

9. Tennessee (lost to UCLA, 24-27)
10. Vandy (defeated Miami of Ohio, 34-13)

After back-to-back season opening losses to California teams, the Vols should probably fire their travel agent.

11. Arkansas (defeated Western Illinois, 28-24)
12. Mississippi St (lost to Louisiana Tech, 14-22)

Thank God for Mississippi (State).