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Counting Down to Saturday

With everything that's happened since that epic, season-closing win over LSU (note: it is official Expats policy not to recognize or discuss certain bowl games that the red-clad Hogs played after that), it feels like's been about a million years since the Razorbacks actually played a meaningful down of football.

I'm still having a hard time believing that, after all the discussion and anticipation, the season actually starts this Saturday (Western Illinois, watch out!). But, it really prove it, the team released their depth chart and everything.

The depth chart says a lot about what an interesting season this is going to be. There are tons of unfamiliar names on there, and it seems like about half of them are freshmen (that's not quite true, but there are 14 frosh on either the first or second teams). It's a new era in just about every possible way...should be fun.

We have our team of unpaid interns working overtime, so stay tuned for plenty of other season-opening content coming over the next few days.