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Name That Obscure Hog

Senator Obama's text message was only the second-most anticipated communiqué of the weekend. The first, of course, was our text message informing Americans from sea to shining sea that it's time for another installment of the game they've found more addictive than black-tar heroin. Well, junkies, you no longer have to feel like you've got bugs crawling under your skin: Your fix is here.


Some Hogs are more obscure than others, and we suspect that today's mystery player, pictured above, might be one of the easier ones to name. Still, he's hardly an all-time great, and some of our younger readers likely will have no idea who he is.

A few clues: he was a basketball player under Eddie Sutton; he is a native of the Windy City; as a freshman, he sank a 30-ft., last-second shot to send a game against Texas A&M into overtime; and, oh yeah, he wasn't a bad dunker.