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He Said, He Said

Rex Brown/

On NBC's "Meet the Press," the late Tim Russert would routinely try to create great theater by presenting interviewees with video clips or quotes that showed them taking contradictory positions.

If he were still around, he could have a field day with (former? current?) Razorback guard Patrick Beverley.

Beverley was declared ineligible for the upcoming season nearly two weeks ago. Citing the Family Rights and Privacy Act, U of A officials have declined to say why he won't be able to suit up, and so what little we know about the situation comes from Beverley. And he hasn't exactly been clear.

Early reports on Web sites such as said that Beverley's ineligibility stems from academic reasons. However, in a subsequent report on Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman's blog, Beverley said, "It had nothing to do with academics. I violated NCAA rules and what happened went over the coaches' heads. A lot of people thought it was because of grades, but I go to class every day." Beverley also told Goodman that he had signed with an agent and intended to play the upcoming season overseas before entering his name in next year's NBA Draft.

However, Beverley later told The Sporting News' Sean Deveney that he's ineligible because of an issue with a class paper, and he also denied that he's hired an agent, saying he's weighing his options and that he hasn't ruled out donning a Razorback uniform again. "My first choice is still to go back to Arkansas," he said. "I love that place. I love the whole state."

"Everything happens for a reason," he added. "Hopefully, what comes out of this is what's best for Patrick Beverley."

Whatever stress Patrick may be feeling about his current predicament, it's good to see that it hasn't impacted his ability to speak in the third person. That's when we would really start worrying about him.

• In some welcome good news for the basketball team, the NCAA has declared that incoming freshman guard Courtney Fortson will be eligible for this upcoming season.