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This Looks Familiar

Wondering what Darren McFadden looks like running against NFL competition? As it turns out, not that different than he looked against the SEC:

(courtesy of the Zone Blitz)

And on a related note, the word out of the Raiders' training camp is that D-Mac looks like, well, D-Mac. Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times recently wrote:

Running back Darren McFadden began to show signs of physical and mental fatigue in the last few practices, but this is the best looking Raiders rookie I’ve seen since the club returned to Oakland in 1995. The Raiders will no longer be dependent on multi-play drives to score. They’re in position every time he touches the ball. McFadden will have to be accounted for on every play, wherever he lines up, and his presence should open up things for others.

I’ve been told the Raiders think he is even better than they thought he was when they picked him and are pinching themselves for their good fortune. This should be fun to watch.

Fun to watch, indeed.