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This Kinda Sucks

I think we were all prepared for the upcoming Razorback basketball season to be something of a rebuilding year. Well, the rebuilding just got a little more extensive: The word out of Fayetteville is that junior guard Patrick Beverley won't be suiting up for the Hogs this year.

The U of A's press release didn't say why Beverley won't play this year, but says it's because of academic reasons. And as Bob Holt of the Democrat-Gazette points out, "It’s also notable the [U of A press] release didn’t state Beverley had been dismissed from the team or had decided to quit."

John Pelphrey's incoming recruiting class is highly regarded, but you can't like the fact that the player who is now the Hogs' leading returning scorer - that would be junior guard Stefan Welsh - averaged a whopping 5.3 points per game last year. Only a few days before Beverley was ruled ineligible, Pelphrey told the media that "our basketball team is only going to be as good as our three juniors." Oops.

Suffice to say, Mr. Pelphrey may be not be enjoying the most relaxing of weekends.