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Everybody's Crazy 'Bout a Sharp-Dressed Man

image courtesy of Athletic Media Relations

The Hogs unveiled their new uniforms today, and - pardon me while I slip on my Mr. Blackwell hat here - color me unimpressed. A few quick observations:

* What's with the super small "Arkansas" in the front? Where's the pride in the Natural State? I say show off those eight mighty letters proudly and let the rest of the SEC cower in fear.

* Along those same lines, using a different font for the lettering on the front and back seems like bad form.

* No offense to Reggie Fish, really, but you'd think they could have chosen a more typically-sized football player to be the model. Poor Reggie looks like the backup punter's kid brother in this picture...the wrinkled-up shoulders and back aren't doing him any favors.

* The little tusky things on the front sides are kind of neat...not so sure about the weird stripes over the butt in the back, though.

* What do the pants look like? For the love of Reggie Herring, please no red pants!

* The helmets are also key...since the Hogs currently possess one of the coolest helmet designs in all of sports, I'm really hoping they have the wisdom not to mess with it.

That's about it from me...what do you guys think? I know we have some fashion experts among our commenter base, so don't be shy. As for me, I'm returning to my day job reviewing Britney Spears' latest wardrobe blooper as editor of