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Monday Evening Hodge Podge

Greetings Expats readers...apologies for my long absence from the blog, but I've been living in a tent outside the Green Bay airport for the past few weeks, waiting patiently for Brett Favre's triumphant return. Now that the biggest event in the history of the universe is behind us, I can resume my regularly scheduled Razorback blogging. So, with that in mind, some links:

* The freshmen football class started their first training camp as Razorbacks today, and Arkansas Sports 360's Chris Bahn has the full report. Kind of crazy to think that the first game is coming up in less than 4 weeks.

* What's the top SEC rushing offense of the past 15 years? Any Hog fan would tell you that it's obviously the recent McFadden/Jones/Hillis attack, but according to one Tennessee blogger that team ranks no higher than third. Check out his full list here, and prepare to be morally outraged.

* If John Pelphrey owes you money, now is a good time to collect: he just got a raise.

* Reader Eastville Holdings passes along an article about former Hog Shawn Andrews' battle with depression. The Expats staff will be keeping a good thought for him...I'm sure he can rely on the rational perspective and cheerful nature of the Philadelphia Eagles' fanbase to help him through this tough time, too.

* Georgia celebrated being ranked #1 in the preseason coaches poll with a fun weekend that saw two players arrested and two hospitalized from a bar fight. Come on guys, is that the best you can do? I'd expect more from the #1 team in the country.

* A Florida fan previews their October 4 tussle with the Razorbacks. His predicted final score is 45-24, although we won't spoil the surprise by telling you who he's thinking will come out on top.

* The word out of Dallas is that Felix Jones might play "a larger role than expected" in the Cowboys' offensive plans. Even famed Hog fan Peter King took a few minutes out of his Favre vigil to write: "Felix Jones is going to be good. Maybe really good. He runs smoothly and with a fluid determination. You aren't going to see many backs cut with the quickness and decisiveness Jones runs with."