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You Don't Diss Dwight

by Tom Ewart; from

It's no secret that we here at RazorbackExpats consider Dwight Stewart not only a great figure in Razorback history, but possibly one of the finest Americans ever. And we are shocked (shocked!) to discover that there are people out there who don't share this view - namely North Carolina Tar Heel fans.

The blog Tar Heel Fan is ranking the North Carolina basketball teams of the past 27 seasons. Coming in at No. 6 on the list is the 1995 squad, which, you may recall, was defeated by the Razorbacks in the Final Four.

The blogger describes the last few seconds of the first half of that game (click here for a visual reminder) this way: "Arkansas with barely enough time to get the ball upcourt inbounded it to that tub of a human being Dwight Stewart who just chucked it from about 60 feet or so and made the shot at the buzzer."

Tub of a human being!?! Them's fighting words. And believe us, after growing up on the mean streets of The Heights and Pleasant Valley and attending a private liberal arts college, we know a thing or two about throwing our fists around.

The crimes against humanity continue in the comments thread, where one commenter says, "I hate Dwight Stewart to this day."

Honestly, we are speechless ... except to say this: "Go Duke."