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Name That Obscure Hog

Move over, "Wheel of Fortune." Eat your heart out, "Jeopardy." It's time for another edition of the game that Americans from coast to coast have fallen head over heels in love with. "Name That Obscure Hog" is a straightforward game: We post a photo of a Razorback that most fans have probably forgotten and ask our readers to name him. The first person to do so will receive nothing in return other than our undying respect ... as well as our concern that he or she - like us - may need to get out more.

Here are some clues about today's obscure Hog: Like last week's mystery player, he was a highly touted basketball recruit whose years in Fayetteville were something of a disappointment. One other thing that he and Ricky Norton have in common: they were both suspended for the first half dozen or so games of this player's senior season. Unlike Norton, this Mississippi native spent much of his Razorback career as a back-up to Scott Hastings.

Here's the photo (major props for those bad-ass shades):