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Felix in the Spotlight (A Little Bit)

Courtesy of reader Eastville Holdings comes this nice Felix Jones profile from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The whole thing is worth a read, but the best anecdote is this one (which was news to me...I don't recall hearing this reported anywhere else after the game, although I could certainly be wrong):

When Arkansas beat LSU last fall in three overtimes, Lee called for a toss sweep with the option to pass on the 2-point conversion.

"Let’s put it in the hands of McFadden and see if they can tackle him," Lee told then Arkansas coach Houston Nutt.

The huddle broke from the sidelines, and there was McFadden not going anywhere.

"What is Felix doing running out there?" Nutt said into his headset, noting that he had no more timeouts.

"Who cares?" Lee said.

Much like McFadden, no one could tackle Jones either, and he scored on the sweep designed for McFadden for the game-winning points in one of the nation’s biggest upsets of the season.