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Name That Obscure Hog

It's time for another edition of the game that is quickly becoming a national obsession. "Name That Obscure Hog" is a straightforward game: We post a photo of a Razorback that most fans have surely long forgotten about and ask our readers to name him. The first person to do so will receive nothing in return other than our undying respect ... as well as our concern that he or she - like us - may need to get out more.

A few clues about today's obscure Hog. Once again, he was a basketball player. He was highly touted, having been named a McDonald's All-American as a high-school senior. He didn't quite live up to the expectations, though.

In his senior year, he hit a last-second jumper to beat Texas A&M in the SWC Tournament. Our favorite memory of him, though, took place earlier in his career, when he secured a nationally televised road win against Wake Forest by nailing five of six free throws in the game's final minutes.

Here's the photo of today's mystery player: