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Wednesday Evening Hodge Podge

Maybe He and Sonny Can Share a Place. Peyton Hillis has signed a contract with the Denver Broncos, although terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

The Bad News Hogs. Jeff Alexander of has peered into his crystal ball, and you won't like what he sees for Bobby Petrino's first Razorback team: a dead-last finish in the SEC West. Says Alexander: "Two years ago the Razorbacks were among the best teams in the nation. Last year, they were still explosive offensively and very competitive. This year, the rebuilding project begins under a new head man. With players asked to learn such a different offensive system and with so many new players being asked to step into expanded rolls, growing pains are inevitable." Question: Is any player capable of being our Kelly Leak and saving us from such a horrible fate?

We're Number 26!! Some high-falutin' number crunchers at have determined that Arkansas and Western Kentucky tied for the 26th best athletic program during the 2007-'08 school year.

Rebel Fans Ready to Get Their Nutt On. The Clarion-Ledger newspaper has an article on the lovefest currently underway between Houston Nutt and Ole Miss fans. We can already hardly wait for the Ole Miss-Arkansas match-up in Fayetteville this fall. Think that will get much coverage in the Arkansas media?

Sweating the Big Stuff. Jim Harris of has an interesting piece on the issues that have college basketball coaches tossing and turning all through the night.