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Name That Obscure Hog

Welcome to the inaugural edition of what will be a periodic feature here at Razorback Expats. "Name That Obscure Hog" is a straightforward game: We post a photo of a Razorback that most fans have surely long forgotten about and ask our readers to name him. The first person to do so will receive nothing in return other than our undying respect ... as well as our concern that he or she - like us - may need to get out more.

We will say only the following things about today's Obscure Hog: 1) he was a basketball player and 2) his media-guide entry contains one of the funniest lines we've come across in such a publication: "Endurance and being prone to illness are his greatest drawbacks." Poor guy.

Here's the photo. Let the guessing begin:

Obscure Hog