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Greg Skulman

A few months back, to track down art for our interview with Eugene Nash, we flipped through a copy of the 1981-82 Razorback basketball media guide. Doing so proved to be a powerful walk down memory lane, as we were re-introduced to players who meant so much to us when we were kids.

Doing so also proved to be a powerful reminder of the sheer dudeness of Greg Skulman, a 6'5" reserve forward from Ozark who was a senior that year. (Above is Skulman's "street clothes" shot from the guide - love the Adidas t-shirt in the background.)

The feathery hair, the mustache that would surely command the respect of Chuck Dovish, the unbuttoned shirt and outgrowth of chest hair ... he doesn't look like a college basketball player as much as he does a sergeant in a late '70s/early '80s TV cop drama or a member of Grand Funk Railroad.

Since we only started following the Hogs around the time that Skulman was on the team, we can't claim the following statement will withstand the scrutiny of those more well-versed in the history of the program (Whit, we're looking in your direction), but, nevertheless, here it is: For our money, Razorback basketball has never produced a more dudelier dude than Greg Skulman.

If someone wants to argue otherwise, by all means, do so. The floor is yours.