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Now the Divorce is *Really* Final

Nolan the GreyKind of a quiet milestone yesterday...after 23 years, Nolan Richardson's business relationship with the University of Arkansas is over. His buyout period has ended and the university has stopped the alimony payments concluded its contractual obligations. Definitely not the way he should have gone out.

Nolan, whenever you're ready to give a wide-ranging and insightful interview about your life as Razorback coach, just contact us at razorbackexpats at yahoo dot com. We'll be waiting for your email.

Anyway, in honor of the occasion, here are a couple of other basketball-related tidbits:

* Yesterday was also Chancellor John White's last day at the university, and in an interview with the AP he related that legendary Arkansas coach Dana Altman had "buyer's remorse" from the get-go. Our thought: Altman never lost a game during his Razorback could White let an undefeated coach slip away like that??

* Nolan's name came up on the blog of former NBA coach Eric Musselman yesterday (btw, Musselman's blog is quite interesting if you're a bball fan...perhaps not as Pulitzer-worthy as this one, but still well worth reading): he cites Nolan's time with the Panamanian and Mexican national teams as an example of a coach's passion, and has a nice quote about Nolan's underdog spirit.