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Giving Props Where Props Are Due

Pardon the short detour from the exciting world of Arkansas Razorback athletics in the summertime, but I have to give a brief shout-out to Mr. Will Leitch of Neither Stephen nor I know the man, and he certainly doesn't know us (or this site), but it's not a stretch to say that this humble blog would not exist without him.

When Stephen and I started Razorback Expats last summer (wow, almost a full year ago), Deadspin was our direct inspiration - the Beatles to our Herman's Hermits, you might say. I'm sure we never would have even thought about entering the glamorous world of blogging without its example. So, with the news that Leitch is stepping down from the site he founded (as of today), I had to make a note of it. Kudos to you, Will Leitch, and thanks for the memories.

Now, back to more posts about Bobby Petrino and Dwight Stewart...