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Wally Watch: The Case of the Missing Post

On Tuesday, we read a wickedly hilarious ArkansasSports360 post about a recent Wally Hall column in which The Old Graybeard boo-hoo-hooed about how tough life as a sportswriter is. (We know that we speak for Razorback fans everywhere when we say we're grateful that Wally endures such hardships to bring us his inimitable insight on such topics as Mexican food, softball and Charles Baker, to name a few regular subjects.)

But, when we were compiling yesterday's Pulitzer-winning Hodge Podge, we noticed that the post was no longer on the site. Hmm, we thought. Could it be that our companion cocktail of grain alcohol and Robitussin was making us "remember" something that didn't actually exist? We then polished off the drink and put our staff of interns on the case.

Through the use of an ancient Chinese secret - okay, Google cache - our staff was able to track down the post in question. So, without further ado ... here it is. Enjoy.